Workshop The Workshops are extensive, consisting of over 84,000 square feet with eighteen overhead gantry cranes servicing both the fabrication area and two shotblasting and priming plants.

All equipment undergoes a rigorous maintenance schedule, and where possible the fabrication process is automated.

The following equipment uses CNC links to the Drawing & Design Office, which improves efficiency and reduces waste:

  • Two automated Cocksedge drilling lines
  • Peddimat burning and drilling plate line (FBD 1000/3) with integrated material handling system with a Siemens CNC control console with built in P.C.
  • Peddinghaus plasma profiling and punch line (FPB/1500) with integrated material handling system with a Siemens CNC control console with built in P.C.
  • Behringer Pillared band saw capable of cutting 1 metre wide beams with measuring arms and an automated handling system.
  • Lincoln Twinhead Automated Welding System, capcable of welding metal cored and soid wire up to 1.6mm in diameter to an infinite length.

As well as the automated CNC linked equipment, our workshops also contain the following:

  • Trennjaeger Model (PMC 12) Table Cole saw complete with roller conveyors:
  • Two Alpine Guillotines with a cutting capacity of up to 3 metres x 25mm.
  • Press Brake Whitney Webb and flange punching systems with a 120 tonnes capacity.
  • Kingsland 115 tonne steelworker with co-ordinating table and a 50 tonne Kingsland ironworker.
  • Profile plate cutting machines.
  • Various electric and CO2 welding plants.
  • Plate and engine rolls machine.
  • Pre Fabrication fully automated shotblasting unit
  • After Fabrication fully automated shotblasting unit
  • Various Airless Spray painting pumps to allow us achieve highest possible standards.
  • Graxo Xtreme Mix Two Component Airless Spray package for non hazardous areas complete with two 56:1 pumps static mixer, two hoppers, filter regulator and 50ft hos.
  • Inhouse and mobile Shear Studding facility